Cleveland RTA Redesign Survey

What should RTA be trying to do? Different people tell us to do opposite things. We only have so much money, so we need your help figuring out what our priorities should be.
We want everyone’s opinions about this. RTA works for all taxpayers, and needs to deliver benefits to the whole region, so everyone has a valid point of view.

This survey is about what we should focus on in the next three years, which is why it’s mostly about bus service (including flexible or demand-responsive services). Many US transit agencies are rethinking their bus services, and sometimes expanding them.

Bus service is important. It carries most of RTA’s customers and is our only way to get service to most people. Good bus service can help people who don’t have cars, or choose not to rely on them. It can also relieve the impacts of traffic congestion and is better for the environment. Finally, many companies that are deciding where to put jobs are interested in all kinds of transit, not just rail.

To take the survey, click here:

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