YPs & Fitness

YPs & Fitness


Written by: Ashley Basile Oeken

Fitness is no joke to young professionals and work/life balance is something that is hugely valued. In a recent survey conducted during Engage! Cleveland’s 2nd Annual Cleveland Young Professionals Week, we found that a whopping 99% of respondents said that work/life balance was important to them. We offered tons of different fitness classes over the course of CLE YP Week for YPs to try a new class or just visit a new studio. Classes ranged from crossfit to air yoga to booty barre, all from some of Cleveland’s coolest fitness studios. And the week ended with a goal planning session at Lululemon.


It got me thinking about my own goals and the fitness tracker I bought a few months back. It’s been an absolutely terrific way to ensure that I am doing some type of workout. I have an immediate bond with every person I meet who also has one. This is because we always agree that we had no idea how sedentary we were. Most people get a few thousands steps in on a normal day with no exercise, that number climbs to 7,000+ with a simply hour of walking.

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You might not be getting all tickled pink, but another awesome feature is that you can compete with your friends. We all know that for better or worse young professionals are competitive and we LOVE TO WIN. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your name at the top of the leader board. Not only are you beating your friends…err frenemies…but you are doing your body good.


What tips do you have to incorporate fitness into your busy schedule? I’d love to learn more.