YPO Spotlight: Cleveland Council on World Affairs Young Professional Organization

CCWA logoThe Cleveland Council on World Affairs (CCWA) originated in 1923, and the Young Professionals Organization (YPO) has existed in different forms for over 25 years.  The YPO was created to provide an interesting social environment for young people to discuss world events and international policies.  CCWA YPO’s mission is to inspire engagement in international affairs through education, public dialogue, and citizen diplomacy.

Every month, CCWA YPO brings State Department sponsored, international visitors, who are interested in making personal and professional connections to local citizens, to Cleveland.  The goal of CCWA and CCWA YPO is to bring global issues to a local level by providing informative workshops about US foreign policy, while always bringing an international perspective to the table.

To get involved with the CCWA YPO, email Jenni Carney at jcarney@ccwa.org or call 216-255-9005.

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