Citizens League Academy acknowledges E!C as a Rustbelt Reformer

The students of The Citizens Leadership Academy conducted a program entitled “Rustbelt Reformers” with an aim of collecting stories of innovation and invention in Northeast Ohio. The goal of the program was to not only gain experience with writing and interviewing skills, but also to highlight and celebrate the efforts of distinguished members of the Cleveland Community. Two individuals from Engage! Cleveland were selected to be interviewed by the students and were featured in the finalized publication. E!C’s Executive Director Ashley Basile Oeken was recognized for her groundbreaking expansion efforts of EC’s work over the past few years as well as her achievements as an exemplary professional in the workplace. Ashley’s interview delved further into her experience as a young professional and her passion for the Engage! Cleveland mission.

Julie Hill, an E!C board member and a Vice President at PNC Bank, was also acknowledged for her work with the development of Cleveland companies as well as her volunteer efforts to help YPs network in the community. Julie discussed some of the challenges and misconceptions associated with her work, but focused on the benefits that she reaps from her unique opportunity to encourage further development of the city.

Check out the finalized project here.

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