Your How To Guide on Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

Your How To Guide on Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

If you give them face time and take action on their ideas, you’ll be well on the road to engaging your millennial workers.

By Ashley Basile Oeken

In my last blog post, I dived into what the data tells us who millennials are, their traits, how they like to work and more.

There were three main points that I made:

Point No. 1: They want to make a difference.

Point No. 2: They are achievement-oriented.

Point No. 3: They stay in positions for only 1.8 years on average.

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Step one: Face time (and I don’t mean on your iPhone)

First, “talk” to them. Sure, millennials grew up in a tech savvy world, but they still appreciate the opportunity for some face-to-face time, especially if it comes with one of two things:

Face time with the CEO; and the opportunity to do one of their favorite things: make change. If talking to each millennials isn’t realistic, send out a survey or poll to ensure their voice is heard. This ties back to the first point I made above: They want to make a difference.

Step two: Take action

Next, once you have some feedback, show that you are taking it serious. Each company will have to do what works best for them in terms of showing millennials that their opinions matter, but here are some initial thoughts that don’t have to cost a lot.

Form a task-force to address the issues raised. Engage these Millennials by making them a part of the team. This ensures their voices are heard, plus gives the opportunity to manage a special project or task.

Development some type of leadership development program. If you are a smaller company, you are likely not going to be able to create a robust program in house, so outsource it. Again, ask the millennials about what topics they’d like to learn about, what they are aspiring to do, etc. and give them the ball to run with. Ask them to report back their findings and create a plan. It might be as simple as each individual participating in two events per year, to a professional development budget or even outsourcing to organizations like Engage! Cleveland that specialize in this for a nominal fee. Recognize their hard work.I don’t mean just in the work place, but on these special initiatives they are engaging in. It doesn’t need to be a promotion, but maybe a certificate of recognition, a half day day of PTO or a shout out at a staff meeting. Make sure you are recognizing the extra effort.

Encourage them to participate in things outside of the workplace. Help them engage in their community and with their peers. Millennials wants this and are incredibly happy when employers support it. I am not talking about the typical stiff, awkward networking events that some employers’ minds immediately jump to. Let them pick. Take them to that big client meeting. There is no better way to engage them than by giving them a seat at the table to ensure their voice is heard.

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