Young Professional Organization Spotlight: PNC PREP

PNC logo PNC PREP (PNC Recognizing Emerging Professionals)

PNC Recognizing Emerging Professionals (PREP) is one of PNC's Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRG).  EBRGs support PNC’s diversity and inclusion strategy and are powerful tools to foster an inclusive culture. These groups provide opportunities for professional development, networking, sharing information, learning from each other, and otherwise contributing to PNC’s business success.

The PREP EBRG currently has over 380 internal members and is made up entirely of young professionals. PNC encourages their PREP members, and all of Cleveland’s young professionals, to visit new places, meet new people and explore everything Cleveland has to offer- as there are so many great opportunities for young professionals to network and become leaders.  Many of these opportunities will help young professionals develop both personally and professionally. PREP also aims to empower members to achieve professional development aspirations, while maximizing their contributions to PNC’s business objectives and shareholders; positioning PNC to be a company that successfully helps Cleveland redefine itself in the 21st century.

One way PREP attracts and engages their members is through the execution of several events. Their most successful event, to date, was a panel discussion with executives from PNC’s Mortgage and Wealth Management teams. The event focused on providing insight to the business unit and its overall goals within the organization.

The leaders of PNC PREP said their biggest challenge is understanding how best to communicate with PNC’s young employees and engage them in Cleveland's young professional network.  The PNC leadership team is working to identify alternative ways to effectively converse with members in an effort to continue growing participation and engagement.  PNC is hopeful that PREP will provide a new, positive view of Cleveland and the many opportunities for involvement.  Whether joining a non-profit board or committee, networking with other young professionals or joining events featuring Cleveland leaders - the opportunities to learn and expand your network are endless.

Internal young professional organizations are a great way to attract and retain talent. Employees can get involved through volunteering at community events, participating in networking events, attending a speaker series or career development session, as well as having the opportunity to serve on committees.  Why not follow the example of PNC PREP and start a young professional organization at your company!

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