Workout Wednesday Feature | RAW Trainer

By: Kathie Zipp, Engage! Cleveland Leadership Council Eating raw is a movement that’s gaining popularity. But what is it and what are the benefits? Engage! Cleveland recently hosted their first-ever Workout Wednesday event at Townhall in Ohio City where those interested could learn more from local specialist Marisa Pelser, founder of RAW Trainer. In case you weren’t able to make it to the event, or need a refresher, Marisa provided some quick answers to common questions.

RAW TrainerWhat is eating raw and what are the benefits?

Marisa: Eating raw is never heating your food over 118 degrees. Eating raw allows you to eat the food with all the nutrition in take allowing it to give you the full benefits of its nutrition. Raw food is packed with energy giving vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes.

What’s a simple way to start eating raw?

Marisa: Try to drink at least one green smoothie a day, add a salad to your lunch or dinner or simply replace one meal a day with a tasty raw meal. Here is a great book that you can download for free to get started.

What brought you to the raw lifestyle?

Marisa: By the age of 25, I was already having terrible headaches, sore muscles and joints, skin issues and constant acid reflux. Someone introduced me to raw food and within 24 hours I immediately had health improvements.

Why did you choose to found RAW Trainer?

Marisa: Many of my clients complained they didn’t have time to prepare meals and would ask me to make their meals for them. We saw a need and went for it. RAW trainer has a weekly service where you order by midnight on Thursday and pick up your meals on Monday at various northeastern Ohio locations. We also have monthly educational classes and eBooks, and we like to share health tips and recipes on our social media pages



RAW Trainer has pickup locations in Westlake, Akron, Pepper Pike, Woodmere, Lakewood, Cleveland, Brecksville and Strongsville. To learn more, visit


This Engage! Cleveland event, featuring Marisa from RAW Trainer, was part of our new monthly Workout Wednesday fitness series. Each month, Engage! Cleveland will provide young professionals with an opportunity to check out a local studio or fitness workshop. To learn more about Workout Wednesdays and other Engage! Cleveland events, visit