Why Engage! Cleveland is Thankful for the YP Community

Why Engage! Cleveland is Thankful for the YP Community

Happy Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to our young professional (YP) community. Our city’s young professional population is steadily growing and providing our community with the support it needs to be a top destination. YPs are engaging in every avenue our city has to offer - volunteering, policy change, advocacy, civic engagement and much more. They are finding purpose for themselves by being advocates for change and agents of progress. Our city is not what it used to be. Cleveland is thriving thanks to dedicated YPs who are helping to make our city a better place to live, work and grow.

It’s obvious that Cleveland is quickly becoming a central place for YPs to move or boomerang back to in the United States. YPs have so many things to be thankful for in this city including a lower cost of living, an entrepreneurial climate, job opportunities, and plenty of platforms for YPs to make their names known. We know that YPs are thankful for this city, but Engage! Cleveland is thankful for them too.

Engage! Cleveland has been seeing the effects of this growing community of young professionals within our organization. We have rising numbers of attendees at our events, which makes each time we hold an event more exciting than the last. New faces are also popping up at our board and committee meetings. These individuals have fresh ideas and pertinent skills that they bring to the table and we are so thankful to have them on our team.

Some other thanks must be given:

To our community partners: without you we could not fully experience everything this city has to offer. You open your doors to us and help us to connect YPs in a selfless way that only a city like Cleveland can do. We continue to be amazed and appreciative of your support.

To our sponsors: without you, Engage! Cleveland could not hold networking events and learning opportunities for the YP community. Our sponsors allow us to give YPs valuable Cleveland experiences at affordable rates, which is a huge plus in our minds and in YP pockets.

To our Board: thank you for your leadership within our organization and the Cleveland community. Your passion and dedication is second to none.

To our Committee Members: your enthusiasm for our work is contagious. You remind us about the passion and drive that YPs have for our amazing city.

To the Media (both local and from far away): thank you for assisting us in changing the dated thoughts and negativity about our city. Cleveland is back…you can call it a Rust Belt Revival, but we call it the future. A future we cannot wait to share with newcomers and tourists alike.

As we close and thank all of you once more, we want to remind you that this city is great and all of the evidence for it is directly in front of us:

In closing, we have to be thankful for our great schools, entertainment, and of course our amazing food, but it’s more than that – we’re thankful for the kind people, the bustling downtown, and the opportunities that the city gives us as young professionals. We’re thankful and proud to be young Clevelanders and happy to be here too.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you for making our jobs, so much more than that. We punched in, but truly never punch out. We give our all to all of you and know you give it right back. It makes our early mornings and long nights fly by and for that, we are also thankful.


Ashley & Abbey

Engage! Cleveland Staff

P.S. Join us at our 6th Annual Holiday MIX to celebrate 2015.