Welcome Engage! Cleveland's 2016 Fall Intern

HaleyMy name is Haley, and I am Engage! Cleveland’s 2016 fall intern. I grew up in a suburb outside of Cleveland, but it took moving away for college (okay, and maybe a championship parade) to really solidify my love for Cleveland.  I attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and graduated with a degree in marketing. While studying in Orlando, I was often asked where I was from because, to my Floridian friends, I said words like “ask” with a hard “A,” apparently giving me an accent. To this day, I still cannot tell the difference between them and me saying, “ask” but I digress. As my senior year started, and as May 7th drew closer and closer, I started to wonder a lot about where I would be when school ended. In the beginning, Cleveland wasn’t even that high on my list. However, I think the day I changed my ticket back to school in order to accept field passes to a Brown’s game was the day I realized this city can offer me more than any other city. What also stands out is the day I found myself standing in a CLE Cavaliers colored shirt, tearing up because the Cavs had just lost the 2015 playoffs and my friends couldn’t have cared less. I wanted them to feel how I felt about Cleveland so that they could realize why shedding a few tears wasn’t really that weird

InternMaking the decision to move home was actually pretty easy. As an only child I’ve always been close with my family, and with most of my family living outside of Cleveland, I was eager to move back and get involved with everyone’s lives again. This summer has been full of boat trips to see the skyline and infamous Lake Erie sunsets, nights spent in right field at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, and a lot of eating at local restaurants. Also, a lot of trying to convince Florida friends to visit so that they too could fall in love with the city I am very proud to call home (again).

Aside from my love of Cleveland, I like to travel and write about my adventures on a blog. I also enjoy playing sports (soccer being my favorite), donuts, and spending time with my brand new puppy, Cooper the goldendoodle.

InternI am incredibly excited about the opportunity to intern with Engage! Cleveland because I already tell everyone about how much I love Cleveland, so why not put my skills to good use and continue to help benefit this amazing community. I’m looking forward to meeting more young professionals in the area and learning more about what drove them to move to (back to?) Cleveland and what is keeping them here. I’m very thankful that I found this opportunity, and I cannot wait to meet YOU the young professionals in my favorite city in all of the land.