The CLE Flea – More Than Just Your Average Flea Market

By Engage! Cleveland Leadership Council member Stephanie Janowich 12832490_342741965849564_428756487831049558_nEver heard of this thing called the Cleveland Flea that you see your friends tweeting, gramming, and/or snapping all over social media? Well Engage! thought this was the perfect time to formerly introduce.

The Cleveland Flea is a small business incubator that attracts thousands of creative and culinary experts in Northeast Ohio. In short, it is much much more than just a market.

Each month beginning in April until October the outdoor Cleveland Flea takes places at 3615 Superior Ave. in Cleveland, OH. Creativity fuels the each vendor set up from vintage and salvage, jewelers, artists, bakers, furniture crafts and food makers. It is the perfect place to find unique gifts, décor, or just overall experience!

Stephanie Sheldon, founded the Cleveland Flea in 2013 to foster small creative makers and businesses, giving them a reason to stay in and grow in Cleveland.  Over a short period of time it grew into a shopping experience that shoppers can’t get enough of. As evidence of their website and social media accounts, they ignite the creative spark that is evident at each themed market.

This month’s Flea takes place on 6/10 from 9am-4pm. For more information be sure to check out their website: