One Bite at a Time…Crocker Park’s Food Truck Challenge

One Bite at a Time…

Crocker Park’s Food Truck Challenge

I was selected as a judge for the inaugural Crocker Park Food Truck Challenge, which began at 11:00am on Saturday, October 17 through a social media contest and boy was I excited. I couldn’t think of a more fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon on the West side. As a young professional living on the West Side, Crocker Park is one of my favorite places to go and hang out.

There were 32 food trucks that entered the challenge and I was lucky enough to be cast in group #1 to taste test 16 of them. As a food judge in group 1, I got to try 16 delicious samples from those competing in the pizza, BBQ and New American Categories. And all I can say is that my group ate well and had a hard time picking our favorites.

Group 1 was awesome – we were comprised of local TV and radio personalities as well as a previous contestant on Chopped.


Okay, so on to pizza. Here was the winner from Sauced – a prosciutto and peach pizza. Super creative and absolutely delicious. The other pizzas were amazing too and I actually really enjoyed a honey and bacon one.


New American was next and this had the most number of entries ranging from hot dogs and duck sliders to crab cakes. So have you ever thought about wrapping all of your favorite lunchtime meals into a wrap? That is exactly what It’s a Wrap did – I’m talking about a buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese wrap.


Or how about a smoked gouda and bacon hot dog from River Dog Café or eggplant fries from the Manna Truck? Eggplant…fries…I feel like those two words shouldn’t even be in the same sentence, but man was it delicious, especially with the pesto dipping sauce.


Our table started to get a little ridiculous. I learned that food trucks are very, very generous with their portion size. And yes, I ate the below leftovers for days afterward. I’m not one to let good food like this go to waste.


So now we were on to BBQ. Just look at the below. Holy meat! DJ Jeremiah from Star 102 was to my left and I remember him saying, “Don’t even say it has too much meat.”


This beauty from The Proper Pig won over our hearts, the BBQ category, and best food truck overall. Look at that thing – it had brisket, pulled pork, kielbasa and bacon. Umm…wow. I can honestly say it was the thickest, most delicious piece of bacon I have ever had in my life.


And then it was time to wrap things up. Here is a photo of all of the judges. Did I mention there were also bands to add some extra liveliness?

Thanks to Crocker park for an awesome event with some of the best food from Northeast Ohio Food Trucks. Yum! Don’t mind me as I now re-enter my food coma by ,the sole remembrance of the day.

The Crocker Park Team has reached out to Engage! Cleveland about hosting events there. YPs, are you interested? What would you like to see us host at Crocker Park?

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