Get to Know Engage! Cleveland

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It is an exciting time to be a young professional in Cleveland!  With millions set aside to invest in various projects throughout the city, Cleveland is at the forefront of redevelopment. Growing cities, like Cleveland, require innovative minds that envision the potential of their community. Engage! Cleveland, for one, envisions a Cleveland flourishing with young professionals. E!C’s Executive Director explains that, “Young professionals are vital to the continued growth and sustainability of Cleveland. They have a significant impact in the long-term betterment of the city.” In fact, city initiatives have focused on young professionals in recent years as a method of spurring social and economic development. E!C works hard to engage, connect and empower young professionals in the Greater Cleveland area because young professionals are the future leaders of the community.

Engage! Cleveland is a start-up organization and is especially entrepreneurial in spirit. The organization evolved from Cleveland Connexion, an association of active, civic-minded, young professionals with a clear vision of Cleveland's optimistic future. The hope was to create a city that young professionals sought-after to live, work and have fun. Although the name has changed, the desire to enhance the future of Cleveland lives on through E!C.

To date, Engage! Cleveland is housed at the Greater Cleveland Partnership and governed by a diverse Board of Directors. As a previous member of Cleveland Connexion, E!C’s Executive Director, Ashley Basile Oeken has continued efforts to engage and empower young Cleveland professionals in a variety of ways which include, uniting young professional organizations through collaboration meetings and acting as liaison between young professionals and young professional organizations, nonprofits and corporations.

2013 and 2014 promise to be exciting years for Engage! Cleveland and the thousands of young professionals dwelling within the Greater Cleveland area!

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