Meet Our Committee Members | Greg Murray

Meet Our Committee Members | Greg Murray

To continue in our efforts to introduce you to our amazing team of committee members, read more on Greg, one of our marketing committee members.

Greg MurrayGreg Murray Greg is our amazing photographer. Even though dogs are his biggest passion, he shoots all of our awesome events. Every time Greg sends us his photos, we are more and more blown away.

What kind of music are you feeling the most right now and who are you listening to? I always feeling 80's music and am usually listening to Hall & Oates. 

East Side or West Side and why? West Side. But I love visiting the East Side and finding new and fun places to visit. 

If you could attend one of the following, which one would you choose: 50-yard-line seats at the Browns game with Bernie Kosar, dinner with your favorite Cleveland chef at his or her restaurant (and which chef and restaurant), or tickets and a backstage pass to see Machine Gun Kelly at his next Cleveland concert? Diane with the chef at Hot Sauce Williams 

What is your favorite Cleveland hidden gem? The Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It shouldn't be a hidden gem. So many people I talk to still don't know it exists or haven't been there. The northern tip of the park is three miles from the southern tip of Cleveland. A national park minutes from downtown Cleveland! Lakeview Cemetery comes in at a close second. It's a beautiful place with so much history and great scenery.

If you played for the Indians, what would be your walkup song? "Private Eyes" by Hall & Oates