Meet Our Committee Members | Emily Monteleone

Meet Our Committee Members | Emily Monteleone

Learn more about our amazing team of committee members!

Emily MonteleoneEmily Monteleone Emily creates all of our surveys, analyzes our data and ensures that we are always striving for the best.

What kind of music are you feeling the most right now and who are you listening to? My Pandora station at work is set on country because I associate country music with warm, summer weather and I always crave that in the winter!

If you could design your perfect Cleveland evening, what would you do? I would start with a great restaurant (there are SO many to choose from) and have a long, leisurely meal followed by a fun activity that Cleveland is hosting. I love to go to different events the city puts on and there is no shortage of fun times to be had!

East side or west side and why? West side, born and raised! :) I grew up on the West Side, went to college on the East Side and am back to the West Side. So, I love both sides, but the West Side feels like home to me!

If Cleveland proposed to you, would you accept the engagement and where would you want the proposal? Of course, as long as he asked my dad first! :) There is something romantic about the hidden spots where you get an amazing view of the city – one of those would be good!

If you could attend one of the following, which one would you choose: 50-yard-line seats at the Browns game with Bernie Kosar, dinner with your favorite Cleveland chef at his or her restaurant (and which chef and restaurant), or tickets and a backstage pass to see Machine Gun Kelly at his next Cleveland concert? Dinner at Fahrenheit with Rocco Whalen