Meet Our Committee Members | Candace Gesicki

Meet Our Committee Members | Candace Gesicki

Learn more about our amazing team of committee members with these interesting facts on programs/operations committee member, Candace.

Candace GesickiCandace Gesicki A chiropractor by background, Candace has been involved for two years and is leading our Cleveland's Leading Ladies panel.

If you could design your perfect Cleveland evening, what would you do? My perfect Cleveland evening would involve a stop at all of my favorite places: dinner at Barrio followed by a couple of innings at the Indians game, and ending the night at Ohio City for ice cream at Mitchell's and drinks on the patio at Nano Brew or Market Garden.  

If Cleveland proposed to you, would you accept the engagement and where would you want the proposal? Heck yes! I'd want it at the East 9th Pier - one of my favorite places downtown!

If you could attend one of the following, which one would you choose: 50-yard-line seats at the Browns game with Bernie Kosar, dinner with your favorite Cleveland chef at his or her restaurant (and which chef and restaurant), or tickets and a backstage pass to see Machine Gun Kelly at his next Cleveland concert? Dinner with Michael Symon at Lolita - I LOVE their fried brussels sprouts.

What is your favorite Cleveland hidden gem? Great Lakes Jet Ski and Boat Rental (next to Shooters). It's so much fun to kayak downtown on a nice summer day!

If you played for the Indians, what would be your walkup song? "My House" by Flo Rida