Meet Our Committee Members | Brittany Costa

Meet Our Committee Members | Brittany Costa

EC is made up of several amazing committee members, so we're featuring some interesting tidbits about each of them in the coming weeks!

Brittany Costa Brittany CostaBrittany is a former EC part-time staff person-turned-committee member and is very passionate about our work.

If you could design your perfect Cleveland evening, what would you do? I would start by going to a festival of some sort, because those are great, then dinner at Pier W, and end with a show of some sort (a play at Playhouse Square, a concert at House of Blues, or a comedy show at Hilarities - all are AMAZING)!

If Cleveland proposed to you, would you accept the engagement and where would you want the proposal? I would most definitely accept - I love Cleveland! I would want the proposal to be on Edgewater Beach at sunset. The water looks so pretty and magical, plus you can see the Cleveland skyline. Best of both worlds!

Is a Polish Boy a sandwich? No, but a Po' Boy is!

If you could attend one of the following, which one would you choose: 50-yard-line seats at the Browns game with Bernie Kosar, dinner with your favorite Cleveland chef at his or her restaurant (and which chef and restaurant), or tickets and a backstage pass to see Machine Gun Kelly at his next Cleveland concert? I am going to have to go ahead and pick none of these, haha. But, I would go see a comedy show with Drew Carey at Hilarities! 

If you played for the Indians, what would be your walkup song? "Spice Up Your Life" by Spice Girls