Meet Our Committee Members | Andria Loczi

Meet Our Committee Members | Andria Loczi

Learn more about our amazing team of committee members with these interesting facts on marketing committee member, Andria.

Andria LocziAndria Trivisonno Andria is a jack-of-all-trades who is an entrepreneur and lover of all things Cleveland. She has helped with our website and is now working on our new software.

What kind of music are you feeling the most right now and who are you listening to? I like pop remixes and alternative music. I'm always looking for upbeat, fun music for my spin classes. Lately, I've been loving Sia and Foals. 

If you could design your perfect Cleveland evening, what would you do? Go downtown to catch a Tribe game with friends, grab dinner nearby in Ohio City or Tremont, then enjoy the rest of the evening in one of the neighborhoods. 

East Side or West Side and why? I grew up on the East Side, but rarely spend time there nowadays so I have to go with West Side. I love the access to the city and development of the lakefront. 

If Cleveland proposed to you, would you accept the engagement and where would you want the proposal? My husband proposed to me at the Abbey overlook in Tremont which has an incredible view of the Cleveland skyline. If Cleveland proposed, I'd pick that same spot and obviously would say yes. :)

Is a Polish Boy a sandwich? Sure is. 

If you could attend one of the following, which one would you choose: 50-yard-line seats at the Browns game with Bernie Kosar, dinner with your favorite Cleveland chef at his or her restaurant (and which chef and restaurant), or tickets and a backstage pass to see Machine Gun Kelly at his next Cleveland concert? Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Fahrenheit, with chef Rocco Whalen. 

What is your favorite Cleveland hidden gem? The Sachsenheim or Spotted Owl

If you played for the Indians, what would be your walkup song? "Turn All the Lights On" by T-Pain and Neyo