Meet Benjamin and Jessica: Out-of-Towners Looking to Move to Cleveland

Meet Benjamin and Jessica: Out-of-Towners Looking to Move to Cleveland Last month, Engage! Cleveland introduced readers to our new blog series about living in, moving to, and staying in Cleveland. We have interviewed a number of individuals who either have lived, are living, or want to live in Cleveland about what they love about the city, and why it’s a destination for them over other locations.

Our first Q&A is with Benjamin Fronczek and Jessica Van Eerde, two individuals who live out of town but are both interested in moving to Cleveland. Read more about what they find attractive about Cleveland, and what it will take for them to each take the jump and move to Ohio.

Engage! Cleveland: Where do you live now? What caused you to move there, or were you born there?

Benjamin Fronczek: I currently live in Indianapolis. I am a native. I have lived there most of my life.

Jessica Van Eerde: I currently reside on the west coast of Florida, where I moved for a job. I was born in New Jersey and moved to Florida (the east coast) when I was eight. I have lived in Florida since but have been trying to "escape," so to speak, for years - I even made it out for a little over two years when I lived in DC. 

Why do you want to move to CLE? Is this something you've decided recently or wanted for awhile?

Benjamin: Cleveland is similar to Indianapolis in terms of size and marketplace draw. The main attraction, for me, is suburban draw and proximity to the lake.  Cleveland does seem to have the upper hand in event and hospitality opportunities -- a draw to me due to the field I am seeking employment in. Destinations such as 4th Street, the Flats (East and West Bank) and Ohio City seem to have a vibe. I have been looking at the Cleveland area seriously four about four years.

Jessica: I want to move to Cleveland because I want to be closer to the family and friends I have in that area. Additionally, I really enjoy the city and all it has to offer. Finally, having lived in Florida most my life, I am very much looking forward to experiencing four distinct seasons! I have wanted to move up north and to a larger city for quite some time. I have been seriously considering Cleveland for about the last six to eight months. 

What will it take for you to move to Cleveland (looking for a job, etc?)

Benjamin: An offer and acceptance of a solid job.

Jessica: In order to move I will need to find a job in the area. 

Do you have any hesitations about moving to or living in Cleveland?

Benjamin: No, not personally. My significant other needs to buy in. She needs to know I have that solid job and way to support our transition. I need to know that, too.

Jessica: Any big move is a little scary, but overall I'm very excited about the opportunity.  I know that winters will take some getting use to (although, I do love the cold and snow), but I'm up for the challenge.

Tell me a little more about you, what you like to do and your lifestyle (Do you live the suburban or city life? Buy or rent? Take public transportation? Hobbies or interests?). Benjamin: I am mainly a city person, but not opposed to suburban living under the right conditions. I transit by Honda, a car I have driven for years. Beyond my aspirations in event planning, I desire to be certified as a professional sommelier or cicerone. I enjoy beer and wine tasting and the study of both. I am also an avid bike rider and enjoy trying new restaurants and cultural destinations. I also am up for the latest game place (i.e. bocce, cornhole, shuffleboard).

Jessica: I love to read, write, hike, and explore museums/art galleries/etc. I have a core group of friends that I regularly go out with to various locally-owned restaurants and breweries to hang out. I enjoy visiting our local farmers market and supporting local businesses. 

Right now, I live in a small city about an hour or two from any major metropolitan areas. I rent an apartment and do not use public transit (we only have a limited bus system as our public transit options here).