Meet Abby, Engage! Cleveland's Summer Marketing & Events Intern

Meet Abby, Engage! Cleveland's Summer Marketing & Events Intern

IMG_4082Hi, I’m Abby Kopp and I’m excited to be interning with Engage! Cleveland this summer. I live in beautiful, historical Cleveland Heights. I’m biased but I believe it’s one of the best neighborhoods Cleveland has to offer. I adore Cleveland and I have spent my entire life here.

Before starting college, I attended the Montessori High School at University Circle. I enjoyed being the president of the sustainability committee, a student ambassador and working in the school’s garden. It was great to have these opportunities but most of all I loved the location of my high school. I had the opportunity to visit museums located right around the corner and make connections between my schoolwork and the museum exhibitions. During my time in high school, I enjoyed volunteering at Playhouse Square, Judson Retirement Community and the City of Cleveland Office of Sustainability.

Currently, I’m a rising sophomore at Oberlin College and I plan to major in politics. During my time at Oberlin, I’ve made it a priority to ensure I’m an active participant in my community. I stay involved by being a member of a Fairchild Co-op. Co-ops are student-owned and operated non-profit corporations where students each pay an equal amount of money and work together to purchase food, cook meals and cleanup. I enjoy this unique system because it’s comforting to be part of a small community and gives me the opportunity to control which foods I eat and where they come from. When I’m not studying or cooking I enjoy performing with my sketch comedy troupe.

In all these past and current roles, I’ve challenged myself to learn vital communication and teamwork skills. At Engage! Cleveland I’m interested in continuing to build these skills and gain new skills related to marketing and events. In addition to developing these skills, I choose to intern at Engage! Cleveland because I have a strong passion for Cleveland.

My friends and family joke that my wardrobe consists solely of Cleveland t-shirts. We have big city amenities at affordable rates. I am consistently impressed by the fact that our art museum has many famous works of art and is free to the public. Also, I appreciate the fact that I can see Broadway quality shows in our theater district. I recently saw a stunning production of An American in Paris. In addition to the world-class arts and culture experiences, you can find food from any region of the world. Within walking distance of my house are some of my favorite Turkish and Ethiopian restaurants. I thought this internship would be an excellent way to help others fall in love with Cleveland while helping them make lasting, meaningful connections with local organizations and other young professionals. IMG_6098

Additionally, I was interested in becoming involved with Engage! Cleveland because I believe the work of nonprofits is crucial and in the future I am interested in in the nonprofit field, specifically a community development corporation or a social welfare organization. I’m excited to learn about the ins and outs of a nonprofit that’s powered by effective, strong leadership. In future posts, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned, my favorite events I’ve attended, and my favorite Cleveland destinations!