It's a Great Week to Be From Cleveland!

World SeriesIt’s a great time to be from Cleveland, Ohio. As a life long Cleveland Indians fan, I’m pretty proud of this year's team. As I watch them on TV or attend games at the Jake (okay, progressive field), I cannot help but be in awe of the amazing sense of comradery they all have. Indians players are interviewed after each game praising their teammates. This year's Cleveland Indians team is what you want your sports loving children to aspire to be. The best part is that the support isn’t just coming from the players on the field, it’s coming from past Indians players, well-known celebrities (looking at you Tom Hanks), and the entire Cavs team. Watching LeBron and his teammates come out to progressive field to see this team play has only helped to drive support of this amazing team. As LeBron put it Tuesday during the ring ceremony at the Q, “At this point, if you're not from here, live here, play here, dedicate yourself to Cleveland, then it makes no sense for you to live at this point. Cleveland against the world."

img_2672Keeping in line with the spirit of Cleveland, Jason Kipnis said, “We’re underdogs because we don’t match up in terms of numbers or stature or contracts. But when it comes to in between those white lines and playing the game of baseball, I like the way we match up with anybody.” In fact, in the first eight postseason games, the Indians had never gone from leading in a game to trailing. This team is what dreams are made of.

img_3606The atmosphere in the stadium is unrivaled. With our plethora of Cleveland t-shirts, the stadium is filled with lifelong fans ready to make this dream a reality. Everywhere you look you see “Believeland” and “Rally Together.” Cleveland fans are in it together, and we also know how to celebrate. I speak from experience by saying that as soon as something good happens in a game, everyone around me is jumping up, screaming and high fiving everyone around them. We don’t care that the news is focused on the Cubs, we don’t care that everyone doubts us. In fact, I think that motivates the fans and our team to scream louder and work harder. We know what it's like to be the underdogs, we went through this with the Cavs just earlier this year. We are ready to Rally Together and cheer this amazing team to victory. We are ready to fight, and we are bringing the fight back home to Cleveland tonight. GO TRIBE!

-Haley Mills, Intern