Introducing the Board of Directors: Lauren Rudman

BOD- Rudman headshot Lauren Rudman, Manager, Human Resources, North America, ERICO International Corporation

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Miami University; Masters of Labor Relations and Human Resources from Cleveland State University.

Background: I have worked in human resources for 7 years.

How long have you lived in Cleveland?  29 years total with the exception of the time I spent at Miami University.

Why did you choose to be on the E!C board of directors?  I had been involved with Cleveland ConneXion, the predecessor to E!C and was eager to continue my involvement.

What opportunities and challenges does E!C face?  The opportunities and challenges go hand in hand…working with 70+ YP groups around town and marketing its existence to all Cleveland YPs.

What is your top tip for young professionals in Cleveland?  Get connected now—it is never too early to get involved civically or to network—do not stop even if you are happily employed or already involved—it is more like 2 degrees of separation in Cleveland (instead of 6!) so it is easy to meet people.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?  Downtown and our sports teams (even though they stress me out 99% of the time)—my new favorite view is when I am driving east on 490 and see the downtown skyline to my left (north) and the manufacturing plants to my right (south)

What would you most like to see change/improve in Cleveland?  Our lakefront / Flats area have made great improvement over the years and I hope this continues—we need it!

An interesting fact about you:  I have been to 39 out of the 50 states.

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