Introducing Tessa Jarrell

Intern Blog Post Tessa CasualHi! My name is Tessa Jarrell and I am thrilled to be interning with Engage! Cleveland this summer, specifically involved with marketing and events. I was born and still reside on the east side of Cleveland in beautiful Concord Township. I love this city and all the exciting opportunities it has to offer, but wanted to explore what else was out there, so I took my talents to the University of South Carolina for school.

I am a rising junior, majoring in accounting and marketing with a minor in international studies. I saw college as an opportunity for me to go out of my comfort zone, which led to my decision of moving over six hundred miles away for these four years. USC has provided me with the opportunity to join many different student organizations and meet lifelong friends from all over the country. Although I have grown to love Columbia, SC, Cleveland will always be my home and it has only been solidified how unique and special of a city this truly is.

The ability to showcase all the attributes of this city is specifically what was enticing to me about this opportunity with Engage! Cleveland. As a young adult, finding an organization with a platform catered to individuals  like myself is something I found to be incredibly meaningful. The innumerable special features of Cleveland are often overlooked, or simply not realized, and there is no better company than Engage! to assist people in discovering their niche. I perceive this internship as a way to show our residents – new and old – why they should begin, or continue, to proudly call this city their home.

With food, fine arts, nature, an undying love for our sports teams, and tons of neighborhoods with their own unique flair; there Tessa Sky Divingis no shortage of things to adore about Cleveland. I love to discover new restaurants and try cuisine from different cultures, and, luckily, we have countless options thanks to a population hailing from all over the world. My desire for exploration does not stop at food, however, as I have an adoration for traveling and adventure, as well.



Tessa Sky Diving

Last spring, I was able to take a trip to southern Africa with a group from my school to learn about business in that part of the world, go on safari rides, and much more. In addition, this coming school year I will be spending a semester abroad at a location yet to be determined, but surely to be enlivening. I am always looking to check items off my bucket list which has led me to skydive twice (so far!) and begin my expedition to visit all the national parks, to name a few.

As you can see, new things are kind of my thing, and this summer with Engage! will only expose me to even more fresh opportunities. I am looking forward to learning even more about this great city, organization, and myself, all while I help others in realizing the same.

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