Introducing E!C's Board of Directors: Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett Name: Andrew Bennett

Current company and position:  KnowledgePost, Cofounder

Education/background:  Elon University, Bachelor's degree

How long have you lived in Cleveland? 23 years

Why did you choose to be on the E!C board of directors? I absolutely believe in the mission of Engage! Cleveland and its potential to have a lasting impact on the community and its people.  Young professionals bring passion, energy and innovation to Cleveland and if we enable their potential to be recognized then Cleveland will be a top city in the world for a great quality of life.

What is your top tip for young professionals in Cleveland? I am fortunate enough to have conversations with young professionals every week who are seeking to get engaged with the community and make a difference.  The advice I give every time is 1) follow-through on the commitments you make and you will set yourself apart; 2) be humble and candid with everyone and people will always trust and support you; and 3) you will accomplish what you want if you believe in your capabilities and put in the time and energy.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland? My favorite thing about Cleveland is the people.  Clevelanders are passionate, fun, and always willing to be supportive and help each other out.

What would you most like to see change/improve in Cleveland?  Cleveland needs to continue to be progressive and confident in everything it does.  When Cleveland was booming back in the late 1800s and early 1900s it was because people were taking chances and pushing the boundaries; it is time to do that again.

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