Interning at Engage! Cleveland: A Whirlwind of Experiences

Interning at Engage! Cleveland: A Whirlwind of Experiences

 Written by: Abigail Geib



It’s been just over 7 months since I started my internship at Engage! Cleveland. It’s not my longest on-going professional relationship – but it’s one I’ve learned the most from. Since February 2, I’ve been interning and learning what it takes to work for EC and how to support an organization that cares so much about its Cleveland Young Professionals.

In the beginning, I tried to focus on the tasks at hand, which for me can be challenging since I like to spread myself thin over multiple projects and passions. I haven’t been in the professional world for too long, and I’m learning a lot of things from our president Ashley Basile Oeken and the amazing people associated with EC.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the work that I’m doing. I check the abundance of emails coming in, update the website with its latest changes and create posts on social media. But the real work that I love comes when there is an event on the horizon for YPs in Cleveland.

Cleveland YP Week was the first of many events that I would help coordinate. Being the largest event we host - it was a whirlwind experience from the first day on the job through today. (We have just started gearing up again for Cle YP Week 2016!)closing-party

Reading and learning about everything that goes into an event of this magnitude was inspiring for the work I want to do in the future. From sponsorship contracts and food vendors to venues and partnerships – I take in everything that I can day to day and learn how an organization markets itself to sponsors and how to communicate effectively with volunteers, speakers, and partners.

The various events at Cle YP Week taught me even more about hosting YPs. Meeting and networking with dedicated young professionals who make the community tick is truly inspiring to me. These YPs have come so far in their professional lives and they continue to help promote the city of Cleveland in the YP community.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for EC and how it will impact both the current YPs and the next generation. I just hope that I can stay and be apart of that for as long as possible. I’m still learning everyday and I can’t wait to take all that I have learned so far and put it towards that betterment of the Engage! Cleveland young professional community.