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Transported Back in Time

Molly Killeen, Marketing & Events Intern

Exploring vintage and antique stores in different neighborhoods of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio is one of my favorite weekend activities. It is like a huge treasure hunt! I could spend hours sifting through vintage clothes, furniture, jewelry and just about everything else. There is something special about finding a unique item and wondering what its history is, where it came from and who owned it before. If you know me, you know that most of my wardrobe, bedroom furniture, and decor are all pieces I have found from my antique excursions. I have a few favorite places that I frequent, and every time I go I find a new gem to add to my collection. If you are a fan of treasure hunting, uncovering hidden gems and repurposing items, I highly recommend to check out these three vintage and antique shops.

My all-time favorite antique and vintage store is Sweet Lorain in Ohio City. Every time I go, I spend hours there. Their collection is massive. Records, jewelry, clothing, furniture, art, ceramics, you name it and they probably have it. While all of their items are exceptional, my favorite part of their store is the vintage clothing section. It is the most extensive I have ever seen. Each era has multiple racks of different types of clothing. I have found the most amazing dresses at Sweet Lorain! Apart from the clothing at Sweet Lorain, one of my other favorite item to collect are vintage teapots. My collection has slowly grown to six beautiful, timeless pieces and I am so excited to keep adding to it. The last time I visited Sweet Lorain I was thrilled to pick up a beautiful teal and gold vintage Hall teapot. If you have time to dig through their store, you will find some beautiful and unique items.

Another antique store I highly recommend is Flower Child on Clifton Blvd, near the border of Lakewood and Cleveland. This vintage and retro shop is styled at every turn with a new layout and display from different eras. One second you are standing in a 1950s living room and suddenly you turn and are in a 1980s bedroom. Flower Child is packed to the ceiling with cool finds from funky furniture, art, and housewares, to clothes and accessories. As stated on their website, “Flower Child transforms vintage shopping into a time traveling experience!” and I wholeheartedly  agree.

For those of you willing to travel a little outside the Cleveland area, The Bomb Shelter tucked away in East Akron is worth the trip. This 18,000 square foot store is truly a vintage museum and everything is for sale. They have a collection of items from all over the world. One of my favorite aspects of the Bomb Shelter is that they have a section of items that are not in mint condition. While the majority of their store is in topcondition, this little section holds the perfect pieces to be repurposed, painted, and spruced up. If you enjoy DIYs and fixer upper projects, The Bomb Shelter sells items that you can remodel and repurpose to your own liking.

With the majority of millennials shopping online, I encourage you to spend an afternoon being transported to another time period in any of these three vintage and antique shops. Bring some friends and get your treasure hunting on! You never know what you might find and as Millennials, bargains are awesome. Plus, you’ll get to (re)discover Cleveland.