Featured Employer Member | Staffing Solutions Enterprises

As a women’s owned business specializing in career matchmaking and recruitment solutions, Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) understands the important role young professionals have in the workforce. SSE recognizes that young professionals are the future leaders of Cleveland’s organizations. Staffing SolutionsFor the past 42 years, SSE has provided placement services in the greater Cleveland area and connected job candidates with temporary, contract and permanent positions in some of Cleveland’s top workplaces. In turn, Staffing Solutions has provided unparalleled support to companies facing challenges in different parts of their recruiting process as well as been an asset to individuals looking to gain experience in some of the most competitive Cleveland workplaces.

With about one third of Staffing Solution’s permanent staff being made up of young professionals, they recognize the importance of harnessing the energy and new ideas young professionals possess.

As an organization focused on building strong relationships with major Cleveland companies that rely on the talent of young professionals, SSE offers a workplace filled with endless growth opportunities for Cleveland’s young professionals.

In harnessing the development of young professionals, companies like SSE are creating more qualified workers, and a healthier and stronger community of professionals.


In addition to encouraging professional growth, Staffing Solutions also encourages its YPs within the organization to get involved in the community. Whether its attending networking events, joining a nonprofit board or volunteering for a local organization, they believe the development of a young professional happens not only in the workplace, but also in the community.


Staffing Solutions Enterprises is a founding employer member of Engage! Cleveland and has supported Cleveland Young Professionals Week for the past few years. Additionally, their President, SueAnn Naso, serves on the Engage! Cleveland Board of Directors.