Featured E!C Committee Member: Dominique LaRochelle

Headshot_Dominique LaRochelleName: Dominique LaRochelle Committee: Employer Services

Current company: Cleveland Clinic

Position: Project Manager, Quality Improvement

How long have you lived in Cleveland? 5 Years

Why did you choose to serve on an EC committee? I have great, personal experience with the value an Employee Based YP Organization can provide for personal & professional development. It’s made me passionate about sharing this value with other organizations, in the hopes other young professionals can benefit as much as I have.

What do you see E!C looking like/what will E!Cs role in CLE be in the future? I see E!C’s role as being threefold: A partner in enhancing the attraction and retention of a young professional workforce for Cleveland, a source of best practice sharing and guidance for young professional organizations, and a resource hub for young professionals interested in getting more involved.

What is your top tip for young professionals in Cleveland? Diversify your interests! Take a chance, change the status quo, explore something new – all of this will expose you to new ideas, new networks, and help make you a well-rounded professional.

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