Featured Committee Member: Samantha Wright

Headshot_Samantha Wright Name: Samantha Wright

Committee: Engagers

Current company: Explorys, Inc.

Position:  Marketing Manager

How long have you lived in Cleveland?  15 months.

Why did you choose to serve on an EC committee?  Engage! Cleveland assisted me with my move to Cleveland, and I would like to give back. I also wanted to  have the opportunity to let others know the great work Engage! Cleveland is doing and continue to help them be successful in the community.

What do you see E!C looking like/what will E!Cs role in CLE be in the future?  I believe Engage! Cleveland is not only an ambassador for Cleveland, young professional organizations, and young professionals, but also an integral part of the future of Cleveland.  Engage! Cleveland connects the community through communication and social and professional events.  They serve as a gateway into the Cleveland young professional community, connecting YPs with young professional organizations that meet their interests, or to members of the ever growing Engage! Network who assist new and existing residents to feel integrated into the greater professional and local community through specific industry and neighborhood knowledge. Engage! Cleveland will play a key role in attracting and more importantly retaining young professionals in Cleveland.  Retention of young professionals in Cleveland will mean that businesses can continue to invest in Cleveland and continue to make Cleveland a great place to live and work, for all ages.

What is your top tip for young professionals in Cleveland?  Get involved! Cleveland has an amazing young professional community, especially in the not for profit arena.  There are endless opportunities to get involved, and develop both professionally and personally.   As a transplant to Cleveland, I found people very willing to help me out, introduce me to people and I was able to grow my networks through volunteer opportunities.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland? The weather... I actually do love that Cleveland has 4 seasons, and there are always great events throughout the year to celebrate them.  Moving here I was surprised and impressed by the food scene, so many great places to eat! Plus there is hardly any traffic, which makes for a great work commute!


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