Featured Committee Member: Laura Larson

Headshot_Laura LarsonName: Laura Larson Committee: Employer Programs Committee

Current company: SBFE, LLC

Position:  COO

How long have you lived in Cleveland?  35 years (I lived out of the city for 10 years during and after college).

Why did you choose to serve on an EC committee?  I am passionate about the city and want to see Cleveland thrive. I consider that young people having the ability and desire to move to Cleveland and make a career and a life here is a huge part of the future of our town. In addition, I have spent many years in corporate settings, spending a good bit of time focused on building management associate programs geared towards these same efforts, so I felt that my experience and my passion for the city hit a sweet spot with Engage! Cleveland.

What is your top tip for young professionals in Cleveland?  Find something you're passionate in and get involved. It's a great way to get engaged, meet people who are like-minded (or be challenged by those who aren't), and to connect to what's happening in the city.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland? The people. This is really a remarkable place to find so many great people who make the culture here such a strong and positive one.

Interesting fact about you? I am part of a big Italian family. So much so that when my parents got too old to care for my grandmother, who was 104, we all found a house and moved in together (we made them cross the river from Lakewood to Cleveland Heights). I had children as well by then, so we had 4 generations of girls living in the same house, until my grandmother passed at 106!

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