Engage! Cleveland's Year-End Re-Cap

It’s been an incredible year for Cleveland. There is energy and excitement in so many areas of the community.  People and organizations, from the Republican National Committee to fellow young professional, Lebron James, are making it clear that Cleveland is the place to be.  Can you say Renaissance? Engage! Cleveland worked hard to contribute to this energy by helping young professionals (YPs) participate. We did this by:

1) Connecting young professionals to each other and the community

2) Strengthening and convening young professional organizations

3) Assisting employers to attract, engage and retain their talent

4) Showcase the Cleveland community as a top destination for young professionals

In October, we launched the first ever Cleveland Young Professionals Week. With 26 events taking place over 6 days, we were able to bring together YPs, YP Organizations, community and business leaders, cultural institutions, and nonprofits as a way to increase awareness and make connections.  Over 2,300 YPs were able to participate.  Mark your calendars for our second annual CLE YP Week happening June 1-6, 2015.

Other events and activities included 3 MIX events, each designed to bring YPs together to connect and be introduced to a community institution. Those included the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Edgewater Park, and Severance Hall (happening 12/15). Over 750 YPs have attended this year with a few more hundred expected at the Holiday MIX in December.

Engage! Cleveland also helped YPS build skills and knowledge through training, lectures, and collaboration. Our annual YP workshop, partnerships with the City Club, Cleveland Whiskey, BVU and Collaboration Council meetings are all designed to strengthen the YP community.

We also support our employers and nonprofits by helping them form YP organizations and associate boards, and introducing employees to the YP Scene. We were happy to host many presentations and tours including: American Marketing Association, Summer on the Cuyahoga, COSE, Dominion, Global Cleveland, Cleveland Council of Independent Schools, KeyBank and many more.

2015 is going to be exciting for the community and for Engage! Cleveland. We are going to launch a new website with more functionality designed to increase awareness and make connections. Our social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter will continue to be a great way to connect with Engage! Cleveland and learn about what’s going on.

On behalf of the Engage! Cleveland leadership team, we want to say thank you to all of our board members, committee members and volunteers. Without your help, our work would not be possible. Finally, thanks to all of the YPs and YPOs for “engaging” Cleveland!  Have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and we'll see you in 2015.


Evan Ishida, Board Chair & Ashley Basile Oeken, Executive Director

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