Engage! Cleveland's Rising Star: Jacqueline DelBrocco

Jacqueline DelBrocco

An Eye for beauty, A Vision for Cleveland

This week’s featured Engage! Cleveland Rising Star is Jacqueline DelBrocco, a Graphic Designer for Barrette Outdoor Living. Jacqueline’s unique eye for beauty and vision for Cleveland give her distinction. Jacqueline’s work in the art community and description of her favorite places around town can help each of us better appreciate what lies in our own backyards.

Beyond her graphic design work, Jacqueline’s passion for beauty encouraged her to launch the Cleveland chapter of RAW Natural-Born Artists, an indie arts organization that exists in at least 78 cities throughout the US, Australia and Canada. Explaining the group’s mission, Jacqueline writes, “Our goal is to help local emerging artists be seen and heard by the community through a variety of online and offline opportunities, most notably through the bi-monthly arts showcases we produce.  Each show features 40+ local creatives in film, fashion, hair, makeup, visual arts, music, photography, and performance art.” Her excitement for involvement in the young professional organization was clear, “There is so much hidden talent in Cleveland that needs to come out of the cracks and be appreciated!  I absolutely love having this opportunity to meet and work with so many creative people in our city.  Bringing such a variety of creative talent together is so exciting and fun - each event is sure to be different from the next!”

Jacqueline’s determination and her passion for Cleveland are what brought her back home after attending Wittenberg University. While she moved home for her family, she cannot deny that there was something special that attracted her to Cleveland when the whole world was available to her. When we asked her what the best thing was about being a young professional in Cleveland, she replied, “People who live in Cleveland, LOVE Cleveland!  There's such a genuine, passionate never-give-up sense of pride that so many have for this city.  You have to be tough to live in Cleveland! We stick it out through the harsh winters, we stand behind our sports teams no matter WHAT and we maintain positivity as we build upon our town's rich heritage towards an increasingly hopeful future.” Here at Engage! Cleveland, we share Jacqueline’s love for the city.

Jacqueline’s favorite spots in the city reflect her visionary nature as an artist. Jacqueline told Engage! Cleveland, “Besides our many world class museums and beautiful Metroparks, my favorite spot in Cleveland is somewhere that many people might not even realize is open to the public—the observation deck at the top of the Terminal Tower.” Though many of us see the Terminal Tower every day, we might not think about its potential to change how we see the city—both literally and figuratively. “I just love how peaceful the city looks from up there. It gives you a chance to take a step back and appreciate everything from a distance.” Jacqueline reminisces, “When I was little, before Key Tower was built, I remember being fascinated by the Terminal Tower and how giant it was.  My dad took me up to the observation deck once and I'll never forget it.  When you first see something from a new perspective, it can be pretty memorable.”

As a leader in the local art scene, Jacqueline has the power to help all of us understand how beautiful Cleveland can be if we just open our eyes.  Jacqueline DelBrocco’s positive outlook and her passion for this community are what make her this issue’s Engage! Cleveland Rising Star.

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