Welcome to Cleveland, Pizzafire.

Engage! Cleveland Welcomes Pizzafire in Style

Written by: Sandie Young (@SandieMYoung)

On Thursday, August 19, Engage! Cleveland hosted a behind the scenes tour and tasting at Pizzafire. Before the big finale (the tasting, of course), attendees heard from a panel of “pizza-preneurs.”

The panel featured Sean Brauser, the CEO of Pizzafire, Ryan Rose, the CEO of Romeo’s Franchise Corporation, and was moderated by the Director of Franchise Sales, Ryan Rao.

Brauser quickly set the mood, telling the crowd, “Take a drink every time I say pizza!” Aside from a sense of humor, his passion, drive and love for pizza was evident throughout the Q&A.

His best advice: If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, franchising is a smart way to find success, especially with something you love. For Sean, pizza was the easy choice.

In case you have yet to hear about the new restaurant, Pizzafire has been called the ”Chipotle of pizza,” catering to fast-casual style and fresh, healthful ingredients. If you’re curious, you can visit Pizzafire (now open!) on Euclid Avenue downtown.

Thanks again to Pizzafire for partaking, and sharing your success story!

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