Employer Spotlight: MAI Capital Management

Employer Spotlight: MAI Capital Management

MAI Capital Management (MAI) has served as an investment advisor since its founding in 1973. The company is an SEC-registered, full-service wealth manager that focuses on high net-worth individuals and families. It also provides investment solutions for financial advisors and institutional investors.

The firm manages $4.3 billion in assets, with more than 95 employees—30 of which are young professionals.

MAI values the talents of the millennial generation, looking to these young professionals to take a key role in managing its growth. In turn, MAI supports its young professionals by providing educational assistance and opportunities for professional development. Seasoned professionals help mentor and assist young professionals in various positions within the firm. Also, there are  opportunities for educational advancement and networking. Several years ago, MAI established an internal young professionals group to engage their young employees in community service, as well as social and professional development in Cleveland.

Responding to the needs of millennials and respecting them as an integral part of the organization is an important part of MAI’s company culture. MAI has positioned itself to continue to grow both organically and through acquisitions and is seeking young professionals to take the company to the next level.

To learn more about MAI, please visit: https://mai.capital/Membership/Apps/MAICapital_HomePage_Holder_App.aspx?ReturnURL=%2f