E!C's Contributors

Amanda Jennelinked in photo

Amanda is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BA in Psychology. She returned to Cleveland in 2009 after experiencing life as a “Buckeye”.

Prior to moving back to Cleveland, Amanda spent 3 years working alongside the City of Columbus' non-profit program, Neighborhood Pride as well as Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, which inspired her to pursue a career within the nonprofit sector. Amanda currently works with the Cleveland Clinic's Adult Behavioral Health Team at Lutheran Hospital where she has gained an appreciation for the human mind and its capacity.  Amanda is very vested in community development and thus inquired about an internship at Engage! Cleveland (E!C). Amanda is very passionate about E!C and looks forward to progressing her hometown into a community that fosters and encourages the potential of young professionals.

Amanda joined Engage!Cleveland to re-connect with Cleveland and the YP community,   “As a boomeranger, I recognize the vital need for Cleveland to devote more attention to young professionals. These individuals will become the city’s future leaders and it is important that they feel a connection to their community.” She states, “ It was difficult for me to feel enmeshed with Cleveland, having been away for so long. E!C has helped me to reintegrate and make Cleveland feel like home, once again.

Amanda’s favorite Cleveland feature is its Metroparks. She believes that Cleveland’s Emerald Necklace is breathtaking, but that is not the only trail worth hiking. Amanda enjoys running with her dogs through any of the over 20,000 acres of Metro Park Reserve that Cleveland has to offer!

Volunteer PhotoAnnie Morino

Annie recently graduated from Allegheny College with a BA in Communication Arts and Political Science. While job searching Annie was introduced to Engage! Cleveland. Excited by the concept, Annie began volunteering because she believes the organization will improve Cleveland for not only home-grown Clevelanders but those who are new to Cleveland as well. “What excites me about E!C is the organization’s commitment to making sure that future development in Cleveland takes into account the needs of young professionals; the future of the city.  E!C’s focus on matching young professionals to decision-making boards gives me hope that the decisions of the future will create outcomes that make Cleveland a great place to work and play.”

Previously, Annie worked in organizations that dealt with adult literacy, education, the foster care system, childrens’ health and domestic violence. She also interned for U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown in both Cleveland and Washington DC. Since returning to Cleveland, Annie has been spending her time volunteering for Engage! Cleveland and interning for The Non-profit Partnership, a capacity-building organization based in Erie, Pennsylvania. Both opportunities have given her the chance to continue working on her communications skills.

Being from a large Italian family, Annie’s favorite place in Cleveland is Little Italy, and she makes sure to bring her friends there whenever they visit Cleveland!

Morgan McPhearsonMorgan McPhearson

Morgan can be found at The Cleveland Museum of Art’s MIX happy hour, which occurs each month where she embraces one of Cleveland’s finest institutions. As a transplant, Morgan grew up in Kentucky, attended college at George Washington University and then moved to Cleveland after graduation.

To learn about Cleveland’s industries, Morgan accepted an internship at Dix and Eaton to improve her media relations and social media skills. Morgan’s skill set grew and she was recently named Public Relations Specialist at the enterprise software company, TOA Technologies. She is also the Director of Public Relations for Sam O'Leary's campaign for Lakewood City Council.

Being relatively new to Cleveland, Morgan joined E!C to help make her transition easier and is excited to be promoting E!C to the young professional community, “I volunteer with E!C because it offers great resources for YPs - whether Cleveland lifers, transplants or boomerangs - to connect to their communities. As someone who moved here without really knowing anyone, E!C has provided resources that made my transition to life in Cleveland much easier. I want to help promote E!C, so it can continue to impact YPs lives as they live, work and play in Cleveland.”

Samantha WrightSamantha

One of Cleveland’s newest transplants is an Aussie…that is right…Samantha’s hometown is Melbourne, Australia. Samantha completed part of her education in Indiana, which is ultimately what brought her to Cleveland.

Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has completed a Masters of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, and most recently graduated with her MBA in 2012.  Samantha’s background is primarily in the pharmaceutical and e-health industries; developing, implementing and marketing healthcare IT solutions.  Samantha is now looking for her next career opportunity and is excited by the great healthcare industry and start-up culture in Cleveland.

Being new to Cleveland, Samantha was excited to be introduced to Engage! Cleveland as a way to get connected to the young professional network in Cleveland and more importantly having the opportunity to contribute to the YP community by volunteering her marketing communication skills to E!C.  “E!C is a such a great organization to have representing and promoting the young professional community.  Everyone is so passionate, and it has really helped me to learn more about Cleveland and the opportunities that are available to young professionals now, and especially in the future.”

Samantha’s favorite thing about Cleveland is the wonderful culinary scene, and she is also becoming a big Cleveland Indians fan!  Go Tribe!