E!C Welcomes Young Professionals to CLE

As connected young professionals we’ve built a network for ourselves in this city. We know who to go to for career advice, who to go to for the latest events and who to ask when you want to get involved and give back. But imagine being new to Cleveland — knowing no one and having no connections to other young professionals. In the past few weeks this issue has received plenty of attention from media thanks to one YP job seeker sharing her story and it going viral. And her story is probably not the only one.

At Engage! Cleveland our mission to attract, retain and engage YPs is made all the more important when issues like this are brought to the forefront of public awareness. The valuable resources we are able to provide new and current YPs in Cleveland makes their desire to stay here and get involved even greater. And in turn their presence here helps build our city into a better place.

So rather than create barriers, we as an organization and as a city need to make Cleveland as welcoming as possible. This includes leveraging the power of YPs to get involved with non-profit initiatives as the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently covered. It also means working with our area employers to help bridge the gap between YPs and seasoned professionals to better understand generational differences. From educating seasoned professionals on the YP landscape to creating on-boarding programs that appeal to YPs —and even helping area employers create a sustainable talent pipeline of talented YPs — all of this can help turn Cleveland into a great destination for YPs.

We know that some of the work we’re doing here is already making a difference. As Jason Brill recently pointed out in his Cleveland Magazine piece, the desire of Engage to connect YPs together is something that they can feel the moment they enter one of our events, reach out to us on social media or meet with us. This is important work we’re doing to help shape the YP landscape of Cleveland and make this a career destination for the many others that don’t know how wonderful this place is yet.

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