E!C Rising Star: Emily Perry

Emily PerryOur featured rising star, Emily Perry, is the External Relations Manager at Providence House, the staff liaison to the PHriends Young Professionals Group and a member of the YNPN and 20/30 Club. She has lived in Cleveland since the summer of 2009, and loves the opportunities available to young professionals here. She explains, “It’s a transforming city, and young professionals are at the center of it all. No matter how you want to get involved – sit on a city planning group, join a committee to benefit a non-profit whose mission you value, participate in local government, or volunteer at one of the many amazing events and festivals held here- there’s a place for you.” When asked to expand on her contribution to the young professional community, Emily shared that her personal involvement with the PHriends Group helped the organization leverage their resources and ultimately make a bigger difference in the community. “When I joined the team, the PHriends Group was losing membership and having a bit of an identity crisis, and I worked hard with the leadership team and remaining membership base to figure out how we could make the biggest impact with the resources we had.” As a result, the PHriends group has been able to improve significantly and offer a rewarding, valuable opportunity for young people.

 While Emily is a role model for advocating positive change in the community, she believes the smallest act of kindness can serve the greater good here in Cleveland. She shares one of her favorite quotes by Ghandi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and states, “These are words to live by, and I don’t think it means you have to wake up every day determined to change the world in some dramatic way, but rather that just by being a good person you are making the world a better place.”


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