E!C Rising Star: Adam Weslek

10152487_10152026008612011_8412684760481097669_nOur featured Rising Star in the young professional (YP) community is Adam Weslek. Adam is the Owner / Lead Instructor at Fierce Fitness CLE. Being that Cleveland is recognized for its entpreneurial start-up potential, we were excited to interview Adam about his experience as a young business owner. "Being a business owner at a young age here is fantastic! Cleveland is so hot right now, and most of the young professionals stand behind their city. I have been blessed with so many opportunities in this city, that I cannot thank my clients and businesses enough." Adam has been commended for his own public relations tactics to grow his business. He explains that it helps to be a young professional, because the YP community always seems to be looking for the "next best way" to stay driven and motivate others. " I’m always promoting myself, whether it is teaching a free class at one of the Cleveland Recreation centers, teaching at corporate facilities, or my studio, my goal is to make Adam at Fierce Fitness CLE a household name when it comes to fitness."

When asked about his credentials for owning a business, Adam shared that he ran a multi-million dollar retail store for several years prior to starting Fierce Fitness CLE. "This really gave me the opportunity to learn about business and how to build great customer relationships. When I opened my storefront, I knew what to take from that prior management, and what to leave behind." Adam takes pride in knowing the names of the (roughly 300) clients he see on a weekly basis, and we take pride in having Adam as a star member of Cleveland's community!


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