E!C Featured Committee Member: Jessica Morris

JessicaMorrisName:  Jessica Morris Committee:  Marketing Committee, Social Media Co-Lead

Current company and position: Staffing Solutions Enterprises, Marketing

How long have you lived in Cleveland?:  I’m a proud, born and raised Clevelander!

Why did you choose to serve on an EC committee?: As a young professional, it’s an incredible time to get involved in Cleveland and raise awareness about all of the wonderful opportunities Cleveland has to offer. I have several colleagues involved in Engage! Cleveland and I have been a long-time admirer of the work and advocacy they do for young professionals and our city.

What do you see E!C looking like/what will E!Cs role in CLE be in the future?:  I see E!C as the major hub for young professionals in Cleveland, and out-of-town young professionals considering a move to our area. I think E!C has tremendous momentum and a strong voice for young professionals in the civic, social and professional arena. I see E!C serving as the bridge between employers and young professionals, to assist in forming a better understanding and connection across workforce generations, lifestyles, and the community.

What is your top tip for young professionals in Cleveland?:  Be open to new experiences and explore your city! Attend networking events and keep in touch with contacts; opportunities can change in an instant. The same goes for exploring your city—meet other YPs, try something different, get to know the hidden gems in our cultural neighborhoods. It’s important to enjoy your life outside of the office too. Get connected!

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