Disrupt HR & Diversity Professionals Conference

Diversity and HR professionals gathered for two events aimed at exposing new and innovative HR strategies. Disrupt HR is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field. Their event, held on July 31, aimed to shatter old HR strategies with the belief that how HR approached talent in the past, won’t be the best way to approach it in the future.


The Commission on Economic Inclusion’s sixth annual Diversity Professionals conference had a similar aim. This conference, held on August 6 at Corporate College East, showcased speakers and panelists from a variety of professional backgrounds who spoke about their views on the future of diversity in the workplace and how HR professionals can assist in transitioning a new generation of employees.


Engage! Cleveland Executive Director Ashley Basile Oeken had the opportunity to speak at both of these events. Her presentations highlighted the unique challenges that businesses and HR professionals will face as the Millennial generation enters the workforce and begins to expand their professional careers. She provided facts and figures about the Cleveland YP population and spoke inclusively about the trends and tendencies of this up-and-coming workforce.

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