Craft Coffee Not Only For Hipsters: Rising Star Coffee Roasters

Craft Coffee Not Only For Hipsters: Rising Star Coffee Roasters

While Cleveland has an ever-growing number of places to grab a craft brew for happy hour, the city also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to finding your perfect morning pick-me-up.

Local roasters and latte artists at Rising Star Coffee Roasters will serve up something to get you moving in several locations around Cleveland.

Since its inception, Rising Star’s focus has been on quality and accessibility. It values direct relationships to the farms from which it sources beans. It takes care in maximizes the beans’ flavor, and training baristas in various brewing methods, the water temperature, the grind levels and timing needed to produce a quality beverage.

“By accessibility, we mean that excellent coffee is for everyone,” said Rising Star’s Brand Evangelist, Michele Kilroy. “Craft coffee is not a hipster thing in our book. Regardless of your demographics, we want you to feel welcomed at all our cafes and coffee classes. Ask the barista for recommendations or to define what each coffee drink is. We are radically inclusive in who we hire and radically inclusive in who we serve.”

However, if you are looking for that after-work brew, Rising Star may still satisfy. You might have enjoyed Platform Brewery’s beer High Brow Barista, which featured Rising Star’s coffee during a limited release in March.  Rising Star continually partners with other local businesses on products and events. You’ll find Rising Star coffee in:

- Bottlehouse Brewing’s Rising Star Stout -Urban Farmer’s Wake Up Call Cocktail -Fat Heads Brewery’s Hippy Sippy Imperial Stout -Butcher & Brewer’s Albino Stout -NOMaste’s dairy free tiramisu “cheesecakes” -Cleveland Whiskey’s coffee infused barrel coming September 16 - The Burnham’s brunch at Hilton on September 17

Kilroy said the best part of being in the coffee business is seeing people’s interest in and appreciation for quality natural foods  continue to grow in Northeast Ohio, which has extended to coffee in recent years.

“Coffee shops and culture have been prevalent on the coasts for some time now, so it’s great to be part of creating and building the coffee community here,” she said. “We are helping to inform people about coffee as an agricultural product and all the nuances it can take. We talk about coffee the way others talk about wine–aroma, body, acidity, notes and aftertaste.”

Customers' enthusiasm and being a part of a greater network of food and drink providers make Rising Star happy to be a local Cleveland company.

“There is a growing contingency who shop local whenever they can,” Kilroy said. “They’ve looked beyond the chains and found, what we consider to be, superior coffee right in their backyards. So many people have become regulars who we now consider to be real friends. We appreciate their business, reviews, referrals and social media posts. We also have access to things like local milk, cream and honey. Local caterers and restaurants have partnered with us for in house, pop-up brunches. We are so proud to have Chef Doug Katz’ Fire food and drink in Shaker Square providing the magnificent bakery items at our cafes. There is a whole sense of being part of bigger local network that supports each other.”

Get a look behind the scenes of Rising Star with Engage! Cleveland on September 13. to learn about their business, view their production area, and sample some of their wildly popular coffee! Our event starts with a presentation and tour to learn more about Rising Star Coffee's business. After our presentation by Founder, Gary "Kim" Jenkins, attendees can enjoy a sampling station featuring 3 coffee samples and snacks from Fire Food and Drink.

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