Cleveland Rocks the Nation at RNC

Cleveland is back. Within the past few months, the Cavs snagged a well-deserved NBA Championship, the Cleveland Indians had a record-setting 14th straight victory, and last week the city rocked the RNC. This is CLEWhether you experienced these moments in-person or from a TV screen, there is no denying that Cleveland left a lasting impression. Most recently, reviews of the 2016 RNC have been flooding the nation’s headlines, and most of them confirm what Clevelanders have known all along, Cleveland rocks.

The positive vibes began during Cleveland's RNC welcome party, Rock the Night in CLE. Over 10,000 individuals from across the nation attended the welcome party which highlighted some of Cleveland's best features. Guests enjoyed views of the picturesque Lake Erie sunset, snapped photos in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and taste-tested Cleveland’s impressive food scene. The out of town guests were impressed, they were excited, and for the first time in a long time, they were raving about the city we call home.

ClevelandCleveland, once known as the “Mistake on the Lake”, has slowly become a city of united individuals known for their passion and pride for the city they call home. Cleveland is on the rise and with the recent positive press from the Cavs parade and RNC, the rest of the nation can finally witness the true Cleveland.

The city is booming and those once looking for an excuse to move away, are now encouraging friends and family from other states to join them in CLE. And why not? Cleveland has a lot to offer young professionals and with the help of national events such as the Cavs parade and RNC, YPs across the country are discovering all that Cleveland has to offer.

So, even though the confetti is settling and the last out-of-town visitors have taken flight, now is the perfect time to get engaged to the city because...CLEVELAND ROCKS!