A Farewell Post: The End of an Internship

A Farewell Post: The End of an Internship

11227891_989223831102216_4841618304559038137_o-3About a year ago I was given an opportunity to intern at a place with a mission to attract, engage and retain young professionals in Greater Cleveland. Engage! Cleveland has taught me so much about myself and professionalism as a future young professional of Cleveland. I’m taking this opportunity now to tell all of you that my time at Engage! Cleveland has come to a close.

Being a graduate student is sometimes overwhelming, and it is the reason my internship has come to an end. However, I can’t thank Ashley, the Board and the committee members enough for teaching me about the Cleveland YP community. I have met so many wonderful people while planning, volunteering and participating in the events that Engage! Cleveland has to offer - my favorite being CLE YP Week. This organization really is a catalyst for young professionals everywhere looking to start a new life in our wonderful city.11377255_987052527986013_2585570894128345689_n

I would like to thank Ashley for teaching me to work and communicate professionally. She has a lot to offer as a supervisor and mentor to young adults looking to gain experience while in college. I know that she has given me a great stepping-off point to find a career that fits my strengths and skills. She has also taught me how to become civically engaged by giving me opportunities to meet some of Cleveland’s leaders and influencers, as well as teachable moments whenever she can.

I also want to thank the Board, who have treated me with nothing but kindness. I felt included every time I was with them and that they all cared about getting to know me, as well as my aspirations. I thank them for their influence and advice.

11863462_1027390010618931_7639032721957977188_nThe committee members are the people I feel the closest to throughout this experience. They have taught me about themselves and why they love this organization and the city of Cleveland. I have talked, joked and laughed with all of these individuals and feel that I could still talk to them about anything in the future. I can easily say they are not only my colleagues, but my friends.

This brings me to my final point. I will be leaving this internship a more qualified candidate for my future career but I also would love to stay involved with Engage! Cleveland. That is why I’m sticking around to help out with Cleveland YP Week, coming up June 20 – 26, as an assistant on the marketing committee. Thank you to everyone who has helped me through this internship and journey. You don’t know what your kind words and advice have done to help me for the future.

Cleveland YP Week is approaching but we also have a lot of other events coming up in the meantime! Be sure to check out the Engage! Cleveland calendar with details about events and networking opportunities in Cleveland. Always remember: Get Engaged to Cleveland!

Abbey Geib