5 Reasons Why Your Career Depends on You Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Written by Leadership Council member, Morgan (O’Rourke) Garcia ECAt Engage! Cleveland, we care deeply about helping young professionals grow both professionally and personally, and transcendent growth, we believe, comes from making the journey outside of your comfort zone.

Comfort zones – those places you frequent on the daily to feel safe, secure, and content. Let's face it, we're all big fans of these euphoric spaces. We're habitual creatures who crave ease and good feelings. Spending too much time cooped up in your comfort zone, however, can bear mediocracy.

For the driven and talented young professional - such as yourself - who has exciting goals and big career aspirations, mediocracy can hinder, delay, and even derail the intended path forward; the path to your potential.

Was that alarming enough? Your professional growth depends on your grit and tenacity, not your normality. Ready to take a walk on the wild side and seize your professional potential? Here are five reasons why you need to push past your comfort zone to find unrivaled success:

  1. Complacency never got anyone too far.

When you find yourself going through the motions and settling into a routine, complacency often creeps in, too. That is, when one becomes too comfortable and familiar with his or her day-to-day that it becomes convenient to stay in a role or at a company that isn't encouraging personal growth. Indeed, the will to strive for something more fizzles away.

  1. Change will help you evolve.

Change is uncomfortable and brimming with uncertainty, make no mistake about that. It can make you question your direction in life. It can also make you stressed and hand you an unwanted heap of anxiety. But change, if approached with an open, optimistic mind, can help you grow, become nimble, perform at your peak, and truly become who you're meant to be.

  1. You will gain game-changing confidence.

Everyone wants to feel confident in their career, in their decisions, in their own skin. And, good news, anyone can become confident. As one of the most powerful tools a person can possess, self-confidence is a learned skill that takes time, patience, practice, and - oh yeah - stepping out of the plush comfort zone to master. When you seek new challenges and mindfully pursue your own growth, your confidence multiplies in tandem.

  1. With risk comes reward.

Life is about creating yourself, making moves, and having unforgettable experiences. Surely, life is about letting yourself fly. Nevertheless, you will never get off the ground if you don't first take a risk and jump. For without risk, there can be no reward - and by reward, I mean achieving your life-long dreams.

  1. Life-changing opportunities only exist outside of said comfort zone.

The most appealing aspect of comfort zones is they allow you to avoid situations that you deem terrifying - like having a difficult conversation with a colleague or boss, networking, speaking up in meetings or in public, and the list goes on. After all, who wants to feel angst when you don't have to? These terrifying situations are necessary, though, and must be faced head-on for you to learn new things and perform at your peak. When you navigate scary situations - even if you stumble and fall through a few of them - new, transformative opportunities will enter your life that you never saw coming.


As the saying goes: Great things never came from comfort zones. So, step outside of your box and push your limits. You'll be amazed at what you accomplish and how your life unfolds.