Employer Spotlight: Global Technical Recruiters

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Have you ever dreamed of working for an employer so fun that you have an office Olympics and regular golf-outings? Global Technical Recruiters truly embraces the phrase “work hard, play hard,” and employees are reminded of this motto every day as they walk past the mural in its corporate office and join their fellow coworkers for a laidback but productive day at the office.

Since 2002, Global Technical Recruiters has been building a team of dedicated professionals who are focused on providing desired results for both its valued clients and contracted associates. The company’s comprehensive approach to establishing the right strategic recruiting plan gives its clients a competitive advantage for talent and gives its contract associates access to reputable companies and quality positions to build their careers. From the start, GTR’s main focus has been staffing throughout Ohio and Michigan within the manufacturing and distribution industries.

The company cares about young professionals because it understands they are the driving force for its future. The young minds’ it brings in help to generate fresh and advanced ideas, which help its workplace not only keep up with the times but generate a new sense of innovative diversity. Many of GTR’s employees are young professionals themselves, and the company thinks they add a lot of “spice” and fun to its energetic workplace, which in the grand scheme of things helps it generate productivity.

GTR understands its company culture shows off its overall personality. Many of the things the company has to offer are what makes it so unique. It has established a culture that allows every associate to achieve their personal goals and vision through professional development, generous compensation structures, leadership, healthy competition, and peer accountability. While the team spends the majority of its days in the office, GTR realizes the atmosphere there needs to be productive and engaging, to keep jobs interesting. If it isn’t throwing sales contests, you’ll find its team playing office Olympics. If you don’t catch GTR employees on the golf course during their lunch breaks, you’ll be sure to catch them on the green after hours. Its workplace and employees are the most important part of its business, without its fun, laidback atmosphere, GTR believes its productivity simply might not be there. GTR truly embraces the phrase “work hard, play hard,” and is lucky enough to see it every day as a mural in its corporate office.

One of the ways GTR gives back to its professionals is through its dedication to them. The company’s managers will spend countless hours working with employees one-on-one to help them reach the results they want. GTR loves helping its employees grow, which means they have the ability to advance to higher roles throughout their time and hard work at the company.

As a young professional, GTR believes you can jump-start your career through its advanced training and experience it takes to succeed. The company teaches you the business basics and helps you develop relevant skills that will lead you to a successful career in business, recruiting, and sales. Its GTR on-the-job training program includes staffing industry knowledge, business operations, and customer relations. It provides employees with the necessary tools for success, but it is up to you to achieve your goals and reach unlimited earning potential.

Now is the time to be a part of a growing company with real opportunities for advancement. As GTR continues to expand nationally, it is looking for leaders that will thrive in their careers and reach new heights in success. Do you think you have what it takes?


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