Employer Spotlight: Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC)

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NOPEC is a nonprofit organization of 230+ local governments throughout Ohio working cooperatively to provide a competitive environment for energy cost savings for residents and small businesses. NOPEC has three components to its mission: it aggregates, educates and advocates for its member communities. The organization negotiates for lower energy rates and better terms and conditions. It educates customers on how they can conserve energy and save even more on their energy bills. And it advocates for consumer-friendly energy legislation at both the state and federal level. Since 2001, NOPEC has saved residents and businesses over $300 million and awarded over $28 million in energy-efficiency grants to its member communities. NOPEC employs 19 full-time employees of which six are young professionals.


NOPEC nurtures, mentors and invests in the development of its young professionals because they are the energetic contributors of today and are working to become the visionary leaders of tomorrow. They hold valuable insight into the fields they work in as the most educated generation of all time. The NOPEC leadership team values the young professionals on its staff because it sees their training and involvement in NOPEC’s work as vital to the sustainability of the organization. Millennials are a community-minded generation and as an organization that serves the public, they are essential to NOPEC’s work and mission.

Young professionals at NOPEC are treated as equals in the office. They are encouraged to provide insight, given ownership of important projects and are valued contributors to the team. Recently, NOPEC leadership implemented brown bag lunches focused on helping young professionals just out of college in their professional growth and navigation of the workplace.

NOPEC leadership encourages ongoing personal development for all staff, including its young professionals. All staff members receive one-on-one training for their role and has an individual professional career growth plan developed in collaboration with their supervisor.

For more information about NOPEC, please visit www.nopec.org. To learn more about its young professionals, read their bios.