Employer Spotlight: New York Life


New York Life has been in business since 1845 and holds the highest financial strength rating out of all of United States life insurers. During the past 175 years, the company has been driven by a passion to educate individuals and families on the importance of insurance and protecting themselves by helping them with insurance, investments and overall financial planning. At the heart of New York Life is a commitment to be there for its customers when needed, whether today or decades into the future. The company has delivered on that promise for nearly two centuries by investing wisely, growing a diversified mix of businesses and remaining true to its mission as a mutual company, accountable only to its customers, not to outside investors. In its Cleveland office, New York Life has roughly 95 agents of which 45 are young professionals and that number continues to grow.

New York Life acknowledges that young professionals and Millennials are the future of the company. The products and services offered by New York Life will always be in demand because people need to save, plan for retirement and prepare for the end of life. This industry is continuing to grow and so is New York Life. Therefore, the company sees many opportunities for Millennial professionals to partner with established professionals to create a mentoring relationship built on mutual learning and respect. New York Life’s established generation is looking for young professionals dedicated to building a successful career to pass their life’s work to.

Many young professionals have an entrepreneurial mindset and seek a position where they can have an impactful career, be challenged and grow professionally. New York Life offers all of that and more. In this career, employees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves because they have the support and resources of a Fortune 100 firm. Since New York Life is a company that celebrates teamwork, its employees support one another and work toward common goals. While the company strives for excellence always, it knows it's how it achieves excellence that truly counts. Thoughtful, responsible, collaborative: the company is proud of the reputation it holds in the industry and even prouder to be stewards of a company that puts clients first.

New York Life is always coming up with new ways to give back to its professionals. The company offers a robust compensation package, full benefits as well as in depth and advanced training and development to allow employees to advance within the company. New York Life’s Council program is the most significant way it gives back to professionals. Each year, the company rewards it employees with various trips around the country to celebrate their success. During these trips, their professionals have the opportunity to build relationships, connect and share ideas nationwide. New York Life also brings in speakers to celebrate the success of the company and the professionals that work there. New York Life is dedicated to always giving back to their employees, new and established.

To learn more about New York Life, please visit https://www.newyorklife.com/.

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