Introducing our marketing & events intern, Cheyenne Meek


Hello! My name is Cheyenne Meek, and I’m a former Ohio State varsity swimmer, communications major, soon-to-be Master of Public Administration (MPA) graduate, coffee addict, adventure lover and change maker. I am so excited to be interning this spring with Engage! Cleveland as the marketing and events intern. As a native of Port Clinton, Ohio, a small city 20 minutes from Cedar Point and an hour west of Cleveland, you may ask why I’m relocating to CLE. To give you the short answer, I want to tackle a new and exciting opportunity to help others in a vibrant city. However, my journey back to Cleveland has truly been years in the making.


Throughout my childhood, I frequently traveled to Cleveland for swim club practices and meets. I have vivid memories waking up at 4 a.m. over the summer to drive to Lakewood almost every morning to dive into a chilly Foster Pool or bustling out of my last class in high school 15 minutes early (with administrative approval of course!) to make it to afternoon practice on time at Lakewood High School. Through this experience, I met one of my closest friends and spent a summer living with her in Bay Village to practice full-time in Cleveland. I’m immensely grateful for my time in this city because it set in motion my next journey in Columbus, Ohio after my club coach recommended me to OSU’s Head Coach of Women’s Swimming.

When I committed to swim and begin my college experience at OSU, I could not have imagined the amazing memories to follow; my all-time favorite being the opportunity to compete at the USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials in 2016. As a student-athlete for the Buckeyes, I majored in communications with a minor in professional writing to pursue my creative tendencies. Prior to graduating early in May 2017, I fell in love with helping others better themselves and yearned to make a positive difference in a community. This realization inspired me to continue my education at Ohio State in the MPA program, focusing on nonprofit and education administration during my final year on the swim team. When my time as an OSU student comes to an end this May, I know I will forever be a Buckeye, bleeding scarlet and gray and shouting O-H to every OSU fan I see. However, I know my life’s journey includes multiple destinations along the way.


When the opportunity to intern with Engage! Cleveland popped up on my LinkedIn feed this fall, I immediately began daydreaming about returning to the area and having the opportunity to engage young professionals in the community. As someone committed to continuously developing and becoming the best version of myself, I was enthralled by E!C’s mission. Never had I encountered a nonprofit focused on serving the young professional community, which spurred me to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to apply my master’s courses to help young professionals find success and meaning in their city.

I have always embraced every opportunity to learn something new and embark on novel experiences which is what drew me to this internship. After spending the last four and a half years in Columbus, I’m thrilled to start my next journey in Cleveland. During my time as an intern for E!C, I’m excited to take you along for the ride as I discover more about CLE and get involved with its incredible YP community. As I work to make Cleveland a lasting home for the next generation, I, too, hope to find my place in this city along the way.

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