Employer Spotlight: Tech Elevator

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a career shift or learn a valuable, in-demand skill? The team at Tech Elevator is on a mission to help young professionals do both.

Tech Elevator is an intensive in-person education provider that strives to elevate the people, companies, and communities they serve by helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce. Through their 14-week, full-time coding boot camps, they teach students from diverse backgrounds to become software developers while also helping them to build necessary career-readiness skills and career connections through their nationally recognized Pathway ProgramTM. Founded in 2015, with a focus on quality and care in everything they do, they’re proud of their outcomes. As an early member of the Council on Integrity Results in Reporting (www.cirr.org), Tech Elevator has taken a proactive approach to transparency. Their results speak to their focus on quality and student success which have earned them a leading national boot camp position based on the job placement rate of their grads. 

The typical Tech Elevator student averages 31 years old. Tech Elevator is invested in helping those young professionals, and oftentimes career changers, acquire the in-demand skills needed to better the region, and their careers. Many students at Tech Elevator have 2- or 4-year degrees and have worked for several years in the workforce. But they hit a point in their careers where they’re seeking more fulfillment, more challenge, and opportunity in a growing field. That’s where Tech Elevator comes in - providing an opportunity to tap into their potential leading to a meaningful career. They do this by teaching coding skills in the classroom through their curriculum, and they connect young professionals to hiring companies and jobs through their Pathway ProgramTM, which includes over 30 career readiness sessions and multiple touch-points with employers in the region who often struggle to find qualified people to fill important tech roles. With a 94% placement rate and new careers that vault their annual income by over $20,000 (on average), Tech Elevator grads are excited about their futures and the impact they can make.

Tech Elevator’s team has grown nearly 100% each year they’ve been in business. That growth offers their team members, including young professionals, significant opportunities to be innovative and creative and to contribute immediately (and make a lasting impact) on students, companies they work with, and their local markets. Tech Elevator employs just shy of 30 people in Cleveland and nearly 50 in its 5 campuses across the Midwest.

Their cultural values define how their team interacts with each other and what’s important to them as a business. Team members can get behind their mission of elevating people, companies, and communities and want to support the success of students. In addition to the employee perks and benefits, working at Tech Elevator is incredibly rewarding for any young professional looking to make a difference and work on a mission-driven and passionate team.

Young professionals work on various teams from marketing and operations, to finance and more. Tech Elevator’s highly collaborative teams contribute to the company’s overall success and support, of which YPs are a part from the day they start. They work on important projects supporting the business and can also learn and develop their skills, attend conferences, and be engaged in the local tech community. 

Tech Elevator also supports organizations like Venture for America through which they’ve provided highly immersive experiential work opportunities for young professionals that live outside of the region, hiring them in various roles to work from their Cleveland office.

“We’re here to help people change lives and change lives by changing careers. And that is a big responsibility. So if you’re on board with that...this could be a great place for you.”

-Marty Mordarski, Campus Director

If you are interested in learning more about Tech Elevator, visit their website here. Also, please keep an eye on our Job Board and Civic Engagement Board for new opportunities posted weekly.

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