Employer Spotlight: KJK

With offices in Cleveland and Columbus, the law firm of Kohrman Jackson & Krantz serves companies of all sizes and sectors, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies, small business and start-ups, as well as high net-worth individuals and municipalities. The team of 40 attorneys have experience in the areas of corporate law, civil litigation, labor and employment issues, construction and real estate, and wealth and estate planning, among others. Of the 73 employees at KJK, about 20 are young professionals.

KJK recognizes that young professionals and the millennial generation look for ways to be deeply involved in their communities and workplaces. At KJK, young professionals are supported in new and challenging projects and initiatives, whether for clients or as corporate citizens, and are encouraged to participate passionately in activities that promote leadership, volunteerism, and purpose. In doing so, it is KJK’s hope that their YP employees will leave their mark on the greater Northeast Ohio community and develop well-rounded careers.

In the business side, KJK deeply understands the strengths that the millennial generation brings to the workforce. From office culture, to work-life balance, to technology, the millennial generation is forcing businesses to reconsider every facet of the way they are used to operating – which is an incredible asset possessed by this generation of employees. KJK believes that it is the responsibility of the generations before millennials to understand, collaborate, and bridge the gaps between generations in the workplace, in a way that is compatible with everyone’s unique work style.

Kyle Hutnick, a second-year associate in the litigation practice group at KJK, says that working at KJK is interesting and meaningful due to the opportunities young professionals at KJK are afforded. Along with a strong culture of collaboration among attorneys and practice groups to share ideas and develop the best strategies, Kyle says that KJK strikes a healthy work-life balance and uses technology to allow attorneys the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Melissa Yasinow, a sixth-year associate also in the litigation practice group, echoes Kyle’s sentiments about KJK. She says that the firm supports and develops its associates, both professionally and civically. As a mid-size law firm, KJK provides its associates with a wealth of opportunities to work with clients and handle meaningful responsibilities – associates aren’t buried under mountains of document review, but instead working with clients and learning something new every day. Additionally, multiple associates serve in elected office, and KJK celebrates those accomplishments. Their business development department helps associates determine the issues that matter most to them, and then find local organizations to join that support those interests. KJK doesn’t want their employees to just serve in a leadership position with no action, but rather to dedicate themselves to causes about which they are passionate.

KJK is a law firm that gives its young professionals incredible opportunities to gain experience working on noteworthy and challenging tasks, while also encouraging involvement in the community and professional organizations to build YPs’ professional reputations. Additionally, the older, more experience attorneys and other professionals at the firm often serve as mentors to YPs both inside and outside the office. It is a law firm that is truly dedicated to developing its YPs into the most engaged, well-rounded employees and members of the Greater Cleveland community that they can be.

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