Introducing our marketing & events intern, Samantha Meisenburg

Introducing our marketing & events intern, Samantha Meisenburg


Hello! My name is Samantha Meisenburg and I am excited to be a Marketing & Events Intern for Engage! Cleveland this fall. I was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to the west side of Cleveland when I was three-years-old. I went to Bay High School but I currently reside in Sheffield Village. After high school, I studied at Kent State University where I graduated this past May with a Public Relations degree.

Kent State University provided me with a multitude of opportunities and experiences, and I’m forever grateful I spent four amazing years at the best university. Go Flashes!!! My fondest memories from Kent State was completing a week-long volunteer service trip to Nicaragua and studying abroad in Florence, Italy for four months. Both of these trips ignited my interests for traveling to new places, exploring unique cultures, eating delicious cuisine and interacting with different communities.


Upon graduating college and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, one thing remained constant, I wanted to travel and I was hungry for new adventures. So, I took time off from the job hunt to feed those adventurous cravings and did some state-wide traveling, hiked seven National Parks and explored the city I grew up calling home, Cleveland.


I grew more in love with Cleveland and its fresh scent of opportunity. I attended concerts, plays and sporting events, found hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars, posed in front of people’s expressive murals and cried with the city when the Cavs lost the finals and Lebron left (again). My feet felt the beaches of Lake Erie, my room is decorated with antiques from the flea and my being is immersed in cultures and communities across Cleveland.

Once the soft summer aromas started to faintly fade into crisp fall winds , I knew I wanted to show off my city and work with a company that loves Cleveland as much as I do. I stumbled upon Engage! Cleveland and found a great internship opportunity; not only to explain to people why Cleveland earned its spot on the ‘Best of the World’ list for National Geographic Traveler, but to also help young professionals network and seek professional opportunity that resides in this city; because I am too a young professional and can identify with this audience. I am looking forward to an enriching learning experience here at Engage! Cleveland.

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